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It is easy to rent a photo booth.

Photo booth, Selfie booth, Photo machine... 

Dear child has many names. And so, of course, does our Betty.

"Plug and Play" - Was always in our thoughts when we created the photo booth.


It should be super easy to pick up, transport, assemble and use. Our photo booth is suitable for everyone.
Here you can see how our photo booth works.

Is it easy to use and assemble?

Here you can see how Betty works, how to assemble it and what the photo machine looks like.

Betty is easy to use

Guests press the "Start" button on the screen. Take three fun photos with the built-in camera.

The Photo booth prints two classic photo strips

Two identical photo strips are printed from the built-in printer.

Delivery or Self-service

You can pick up Betty yourself, completely free of charge, from our showroom in Arroios, Lisbon. Betty fits in all passenger cars.

Or you can have Betty transported for a small additional fee.

Super easy to Assemble

Anyone can assemble Betty! Our photo booths are designed to be as easy as possible to transport and assemble.

They weigh about 3 times as little as the other photo booths on the market. And only take a minute to assemble. Which you can also do completely yourself. Take a look at the video to see how simple it is to assemble.

See availability or Book!

BettyBooth_Photo Booth_Fotobås_Stockhol
BettyBooth_Photo Booth_Fotobås_Stockhol

Where is Betty?

The photo booth can be picked up in Arroios, Lisbon

Rua Bernardo Lima 44,

1150-077, Lisbon

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